July 17, 2013

Four-Patch Stacked Posie quilts

It seems I haven't posted photos of this quilt, one of my favorites, made about a year ago.  It's about 40" square, and I've it hung in a place where I see it every day.   This is about the 7th quilt I've made from the "Four-Patch Stacked Posie" pattern, which is basically a method of cutting up one central fabric so that each block is made from four identical segments of the fabric.  Most people do this quilt from floral fabrics, and I've done some like that, but I also like what happens with a geometric or other kinds of abstract prints.  Here's a close-up, so that you can see how the block is constructed.  I am very happy with the quilting I did on this piece--in-the-ditch quilting around and through the center lines of each block, and then loose, overlapping squares in the white sashing.  The black border was left unquilted, to emphasize its role as a frame.  I think the narrow striped binding also works well; it was cut from an unevenly-striped fabric. (As always, click on the photo for a larger view.)

Here's the fabric, before it was cut up:

Added July 21--This was actually the second 4-patch quilt I made with the red/white/black fabric.  Here's another, which I also like, but not as much as the one with white sashing.  Some of the individual blocks are especially nice; my favorites are the bottom right corner and the left hand column, two center blocks.

And here are some other 4-patch quilts I've made.  I think the multi-color sashing is a big plus in this one, which went to my sister.

I made this one for my friend Kay.  There's a photo of the fabric before cutting at the end of this post.

The next one won a prize in the local quilt show a few years ago.  I was surprised, because it's a pretty straightforward rendering of a simple pattern.  I think the judge had seen so many of these in floral prints, that she rewarded the use of a different type of fabric.  And I do think the black and white sashing was a good choice.  I originally tried out various bright colors, but the predominantly white fabric works well with the multi-color blocks.

Here's a photo of the original fabric (on the right) and some of the blocks:

Here's one from a more traditional fabric.  I like this color combination very much--it introduced me to the pleasure of magenta.  This quilt is on our bed.

The next one was made as a high school graduation present for a good friend.  The sashing is some of my hand-dyed fabric.

And here's the first one I made, as a wedding present for another young friend.  This one was done without the narrow frame around each block, as I was aiming for a more overall look to the pattern.

July 13, 2013

Using African and South Asian fabrics

A good friend of mine has travelled a good deal in Africa and South Asia, bringing back fabric from each trip.  She has used much of it, but a large pile has been sitting in the attic for years, and she decided to give it away.  I was the lucky recipient!  Some is in large flat pieces, other is clothing that I have cut up.

I talked with my friend about what I could make for her from the fabrics, and we decided on placemats.  While each fabric is beautiful, I found it a challenge to combine them.  I've made three placemats so far; I will show them to her, and then make 3 more, according to her preference.  

On the left--using the largest variety of fabric, including some solids.
In the middle--using the most closely-related selection of fabric
On the right--tighter range than the first, but wider than the second; detail of this one below.

July 1, 2013

Giveaway winner

Congratulations to Barb, who won the pillowcase giveaway!  Barb, I'll send you a separate note about choosing a fabric.

Thanks to all who sent in a comment.  I know from the stats on blogger that there are more of you out there--I guess pillowcases are not as popular as I thought they would be. . .

Can't leave you without a photo.  Here's a preview of a detail from a piece I'm currently finishing up, more before long: