February 24, 2015

Self-Portrait at QuiltCon

When I posted a few months ago about "Self-Portrait, Year 2: Beneath the Surface," I didn't include a photo of the full quilt, for reasons I explained in the post. Now that the quilt has been shown at QuiltCon, and many people have seen it, I wanted to share it on my blog also.  Bill Kerr kindly sent me two photos, and let me know that many people were looking closely at the quilt, and talking about it.  

I also received several e-mail messages from people I didn't know, who had seen the quilt, and took the time to track down my address and write heartfelt words of appreciation and support, which touched me deeply.  Then yesterday, through the thoughtfulness of Weeks Ringle, I learned of a Facebook posting on the quilt by Bill Volckening, a quilt collector.  His post, and the many many comments on it, leave me somewhat stunned.  For many years I lived with this quilt in private--years of working on a design and then months of executing it.  To have it out in the world, and then to see how it has touched others, is deeply gratifying.  You can see Bill Volckening's post, with the comments, here.

It is fitting that Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle have a place in this story.  It was through their inspired teaching that I began to make quilts that helped me cope with my feelings of loss.  I took a week-long Design Workshop with them in 2005 and again in 2006.  In those workshops, I met the other quilters who have ever since provided support and the inspiration of their own work.  And I have continuted to meet with Bill from time to time over the years for crits of my work.  His comments on early versions of "Self-Portrait," including coaching on typography, were crucial to the work.  Thanks Bill and Weeks!