June 19, 2012

Triangle Toss (pattern by Corey Yoder)

This quilt is sized down from a pattern by Corey Yoder, published in the May/June 2012 issue of McCall's Quilting.  I love the white of the original, but don't think it's very practical for a baby quilt.

I had to make this quilt in a hurry, as the baby arrived five weeks early.  I had all the fabrics on hand, including the diagonal stripe that I've been wanting to use for a binding for a few years.  I was delighted when I finished the top and realized that the colors were just right for the stripe.  I did also try a solid orange for the binding, which gave the quilt a more unified look, but the playfulness of the stripe seemed right for a kid's room.

I've also had yardage of some "paint drip" fabric on hand for a while, waiting to be the back of a baby quilt.  I think this works well with the top.  (Thanks, Louise--this was one from your "shop.")

I did horizontal line stitching, starting with aqua thread in the ditch on the horizontal seams, and then orange thread spaced about 3/4".  I was happy with how the orange thread blended quite well with the yellow and lime triangles as well as the orange ones, and contrasted with the background.

You can see I didn't do so well on all the points.  (I console myself that when you look at the quilt as a while--as in the top photo--you don't really notice it.)  This pattern was made from templates, not my favorite way to work--I find it easier to be accurate when cutting with a ruler, and even still, precise piecing is a challenge for me.  One reason I like improvisational piecing. . .

Turns out that I chose colors that go really well in the new baby's room.  I put a sleeve on the back, and they'll use it for a wall-hanging.