April 15, 2009


I'm currently at a week-long workshop on "Color Mixing for Dyers" Part I by Carol Soderlund. The photo is a pile of scraps from the 1,000 different colors we dyed samples of in the first two days. It is quite an experience to be immersed in color to this extent. The workshop is being held at Nancy Crow's Timber Frame Barn.
Here's half of one batch, waiting to be loaded into the dryer. Each piece was kept separate to avoid bleeding from one piece to another.
And here's a pile out of the dryer. Each of these is a different color.


  1. What a soul-lifting image! I'd dearly love to do a workshop with Carol and can't wait for her to publish a book. I visited the Crow barn in the height of summer - the flowers must be divine in the spring.

  2. What a riot of color! You look happy! Looking forward to the next blog posting!