June 22, 2010

benefits of running out of a fabric

Here's the completed top for the "four-patch stacked posie" pattern (by HD Designs). When I was purchasing fabric for the frames, sashing, and cornerstones, I just estimated the yardage. Turned out I was short on the yellow/gold for the framing of the blocks, and the fabric store is 150 miles away. I had some other fabric that was close enough to work, but I thought I'd try out some assorted reds that I had on hand for the rest of the frames. I'm glad I ran out of the first fabric! I think the combination gives the top more interest. A couple of closeups:


  1. I agree that the red gives it a little more zing. Wonderful quilt and design!

  2. I love it when what seems like a bad thing turns out to be a benefit! That really does add zing and makes they eye flow really interesting!

  3. Penny, you have a talent for making the predictable a surprise. Its a happy accident but based on you intuit design sense! I really like it. Jill