February 21, 2011

Machine stitching a binding

This Saturday I got together with several quilting friends from the Chicago area for a day of showing our work recently completed or in progress.  We had a great time sharing ideas and getting feedback on our work.  The issue of machine stitching binding came up, and I mentioned that I'd been helped by some online tutorials.  I thought I'd share the list here, in case anyone else is interested too.  I've listed a number of tutorials below--one video, the rest photos and text.  How is it I have ready access to a list like this?  They're all things I've saved as I've come across them to "tada lists"--a nifty site for saving lists of one sort of another.  I searched for the term "binding" in my list for tutorials, and easily found what I was looking for.  If you're curious to see what other tutorials I've collected, you can see my full list at: http://pgold45.tadalist.com/lists/1291659

Start by sewing binding to front
sew binding to front, pin binding all around and sew in the ditch for a straight-stitch finish on the back--Judy Laquidara (video tutorial—very clear)

same method from Melody Johnson:

and from Rita of Red Pepper Quilts (she pins a little differently; very clear instructions—scroll down some to get to this final part of the binding instructions)

Marny & Jill do something very similar, using clips instead of pins to secure the binding, and using an edge-joining foot):

Start by sewing binding to back
sew binding to back, finish on front with a narrow zig-zag stitch (Wanda Hanson).  Mary Beth Clark sometimes uses this method, often using a machine blanket stitch.  This method shows more on the front, but can be done without pinning, and without any worry about catching the binding on the back.

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