June 29, 2011

Finishing up slanty rail fence

I recently finished up a small quilt (36x36) that I started a while back, something fun to piece to take a break from a large piece I was quilting. This small quilt was done from scraps of solid fabric that I had on hand. I am pleased with the color work here. Though it may look like a huge range of virtually all colors, it actually took some significant selection, which I was able to do without agonizing. I couldn't have done that a couple of years ago--nice to feel the progress in working with color.

Quilting is still a big challenge. I did many samples on extra, individual blocks before deciding on a simple wavy line through each "slice." I'm fairly pleased with this, both in terms of ease of sewing and in the final look.

Here's the back of the quilt. I first made a simple line-up of fat slices that went across the whole back, but that arrangement looked boring. So I cut it into four pieces, moved the pieces around, and came up with this. I like it.

The quilting on the back looks like fat noodles:


  1. Very lively! This will brighten up whatever room it is in! I think the simple wavy quilting line makes sense because of the business of the quilt itself.


  2. The colors and the slanted pieces really give this quilt movement. I like how vibrant it is and the back is quite interesting, too. I'd say you've become quite proficient in working with color, my dear.

  3. Penny -
    I liked this quilt when I first saw it on your blog in April, and I like it even more now. Masterful use of color. The less saturated hues serve to make the bright ones appear even brighter, to great overall effect!