September 17, 2011

Shades of gray

I've finished piecing the top for my Mod Mosaic quilt, and while it was up on the design wall, I auditioned fabrics for binding.  The logical choice given the design would be white, which looks very good, but I can't see putting a white binding on a quilt that is intended for use rather than to be hung for display.  I tried orange (bad) and green (OK, but not great).  As luck would have it, my friend Amy Walsh of Blue Underground Studios, was in town on Thursday to give a talk to the local quilt guild, and we had a few hours before and after to talk quilts.  She looked at the quilt with me and suggested gray, which looked very good.  I have some Kona ash that would work (this is what I auditioned), but we both thought a somewhat darker shade might look even better.  Kona has a medium gray I could order, but I decided to try dyeing my own instead.  Here are three pieces that are batching now.  For those who have Carol Soderlund's sample books, these are : Basic 223, Earth 012, and Bright 212.  In a couple of days, I'll post results.

By the way, Amy is a great speaker!  I highly recommend her for guild events, whether a program or a workshop or both.  Her website is above, and you can follow her blog here.

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