April 18, 2012

"Reflected Wedges" Table Runner

OK, at Lori's request, I'll tell you next about this one of my "four tops."  I was browsing magazines at JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago, and saw this new magazine on modern quilting, a special issue from Interweave Press:

There was one pattern in particular that leaped out at me, "Reflected Wedges" by Jacquie Gehring.

I find the wedge shape very appealing.  I haven't used it much, but I did this one baby quilt a while back that is a favorite:

The wedge table runner pattern seemed a natural for the Marcia Derse fabrics that I've had in my drawer for about a year; most of these are from her "Third in Line" collection.  I bought about 10 half-yard pieces, mostly choosing because of the printed designs, rather than thinking about colors.  Some day, I'd like to do more printing of fabric (have done a little thermofax screen printing, but that's it), and her designs are inspiring.  But with a half-yard of each, there's plenty to use in quilts, while still keeping samples on hand.  I've been collecting quilt patterns designed with Marcia Derse fabric specifically in mind, as well as others that I think would work well.  Jacquie Gehring's pattern, though, made me go right to the drawer and pull some colors that would work together.  I do like how the table runner came out.  (If you'd like to see more of Jacquie's work, go to her blog, or check out her new book (with Katie Pedersen): Quilting Modern)

The table runner went together very quickly.  Thought I'd try another with some Stephanie Brandenburg fabric.  Here's the fabric:

And here's the table runner I got by cutting out wedges:

OK, but not as interesting as I thought it would be.  So I made one more, this one by strip-piecing a lot of scraps and then cutting the layers into wedges:

Not so excited about this one either.  It's possible one or both of these will look better when they're quilted and bound.  But the Marcia Derse one will definitely get done first!


  1. Wedges ARE very interesting shapes to work with, Penny. I think these would look dynamic on a table... can I commission you to make one to go with my "deep clay" dining walls with 6 coordinating napkins???

    I like your solution (in the previous posting) of making the color squares small in the black field. Really sharp.

  2. I love the table runner with the Stephanie Brandenburg fabric: the reds look like flames seen against trees & sky. The colors are so magnificent! The green/purple wedges made by strip-piecing makes me a little dizzy, though...not my favorite of the quilts you have done.


  3. I like them all, but I agree, the one with the Marcia Derse fabrics is the most striking. I think it is the "simplicity" of the fabrics -- the fact that they are tone-on-tone, which makes the wedges more, for lack of a better word, "wedgy."