February 10, 2013

More about the hand-stitching

I usually have at least one project in progress, set up by the comfortable couch in our living room.  Right now, I'm working on the hand-quilting that I'm adding to the machine stitching on the shot cotton quilt.  A sign of how pleasurable this work is:  I have found myself thinking that I don't want to finish the quilt quickly, so that I continue to have the stitching to do.  I love choosing each new color as I move from square to square.

 And I love seeing how the thread looks on the two different rectangles in the square.  Simple pleasures.

At this point, I'm about half-way done with the hand-quilting. 


  1. Penny,
    I LOVE this! Your colors are just plain beautiful!. The quilting looks great.
    See you in Austin!!!

  2. The colors are so rich! Great photograph! Take your time and enjoy this part; I can wait however long it takes to be the proud owner of this quilt.