June 26, 2013

Pillowcases--including a giveaway!

I've been out of the studio for a few weeks, both because of travel, and because of having some work done in both the sewing studio upstairs and the wet (dyeing) studio in the basement.  I was finally able to uncover the machine again to do some sewing, but needed something small to help me get in gear;  I had finished up a couple of larger quilts just before the work was done, and didn't feel I could jump right into the next big project.  So I decided to make up some more pillowcases for my bed.  The ones on the right are duplicates of a pair I made out of the fabric used for the 4-patch stacked posie quilt below, which is on my bed.  (The blocks are all made from the fabric used for the main body of the pillowcase.)

I had also recently gotten a bit of some lovely Kaffe Fassett "shirt stripes" fabric for a couple of napkins, and had liked it so much that I ordered more for pillowcases, as I think these will look nice on the bed also-- the cases on the left.  Here's a detail that shows the fabrics better:

These pillowcases are fun to make.  They would seem like a nice gift for friends, but I don't usually know anyone's bed linen decor, or whether they would like pillowcases that contrast with their sheets.  So, here's my giveaway deal--write a comment for this post (can be as simple as "I'd love two pillowcases"), include your e-mail address (can be spelled with "at" instead of @ if you want to avoid spam possibilities) and I'll figure a way to choose an entry at random.  I'll get to hear from readers who don't usually comment, and one of you will get two pillowcases with a fabric of your choice--my treat!  (Details of fabric choice will be worked out with whoever wins the draw.)  You have until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 30 to leave a comment.


  1. Hi Penny - your pillowcases are lovely! A little confused about which is which but they are ALL very beautiful. Please put me into your pillow case lottery. xo. Kay

  2. What fun! count me in please - I love the green swirly fabric!

  3. i love the fabric you used! hey any ufos you dont think you will finish would make a great giveaway too. i for one would love to enter that one babscorbitt@gmail.com

  4. How can I resist entering! I'm even willing to take just one standard/queen size pillow case with some navy blue plus ANY other colors so that I can brighten up our bed at the Penn State cabin. The quilt on that bed is navy blue with very limited white stitching. Don's pillow is a king size, so that may leave me out of the running for a second pillow case.


  5. I like using pillowcases of all colors. When I change the linens, I pick out a case that matches my "mood" at the time.