September 5, 2014

Variations on a theme

(Note to Quilters by Design folks--If you'd rather be surprised by your block in March, go no further!)

I tend to work on multiple things at once, which means that the story of a particular project can be spread out over months, sometimes years.  The blocks above are the final result of the challenge I posted about in May, using the fabrics that I posted about the next day.  The basic idea:  each of nine quilters chose one or more colors.  As one of the nine, I made eight compositions, one for each of the other quilters, using their preferred colors.  (One person chose "pastel floral" instead of a specific color, which explains why the block in the middle of the left column looks quite different.)  The only size specified was that either the width or length had to be 9.5 inches.  I decided to start each of the designs with the improvised shape that I came up with in a class with Sherri Wood (described here):

I continue to like this basic shape, even after playing with it eight times for these challenge blocks.  

We'll be exchanging our blocks at our next retreat in March.  It will be fun to see what others made for me.  I gave just one color for my preference:  yellow-green.


  1. Very nice. Isn't it amazing how different colors and placement can create such varied results.

  2. Since each of your 8 blocks above show more than one color, I'd be interested to know what color the intended recipient picked. For instance, on the top row did the intended recipients of the middle and right-hand side both pick turquoise?

  3. My favorite block is the left-most one on the bottom line: the turquoise, coral and black colors remind me of Native American jewelry using turquoise, coral and black stones. And I also like the two thin lines - very eye-catching!