April 16, 2015

Paula Kovarik and a drawing of Jeremy's

I mentioned several weeks ago that I had sent a number of Jeremy's drawings to Paula Kovarik, who was planning to develop further the work she had been doing with children's drawings.  She recently completed a quilt incorporating one of Jeremy's drawings, a quilt she has titled, "Don't Go In the Basement." You can read her post about it here.

Paula Kovarik, "Don't Go in the Basement"

And here's the drawing of Jeremy's that makes an appearance in the lower right corner of the quilt:

Jeremy's drawing, 1991 (age 5-1/2)

It is very difficult to express what this means to me--to see something from Jeremy's hand enter a new life in a beautiful creation by another person.  I think Paula has pulled off an amazing combination:  being true to Jeremy's drawing--capturing the child-like drift and energy of the lines--and yet also making something entirely new and wonderful by putting it in an abstract setting and with other figures.  

Kudos to Paula!  May you go from strength to strength.  You can see more of Paula's work on her website.

N.B. To those of you who read Paula's post.  Paula knows that Jeremy died ten years ago, but chose to address him directly in her post.  Her choice moves me--that she speaks to him herself, not reducing him to a lost voice. . .


  1. Wow! What a nice remembrance of Jeremy!

  2. I can understand your feelings about Paula's integration of Jeremy's drawing. It's a wonderful way to both remember and honor him. Paula's work is amazing to me!

  3. What a beautiful art piece she's made with Jeremy's drawing! Do you think you'll use his drawings in some form in any of your pieces?

  4. Penny,
    I recognized this work of Paula’s right away from her post a while back, but of course had no idea that the drawing was done by your boy until just now. I’m honored to have made contact with you and feel like another overlapping circle coming into the fold and sharing this feminine creative energy.
    I wish you all the best,