August 19, 2015

Accident 2--penultimate version

I left this work to batch for about 10 days.  Today I washed it out--detail above, full piece below.  The final step will be to overdye the piece in turquoise, blue, ochre, and black, with the goal of diminishing the visibility of the text.  The overdye will also give me a chance to reconsider the royal blue section.  I made it narrow in this version, just edging the ochre--not sure why I did that, and I don't think there's enough of the blue.  So when I overdye, I'll expand that section more into the turquoise, and make it more of a wedge rather than a stripe, more like it was in this earlier trial.  I am satisfied with the shape of the ochre in this version.

Pulling the dye on this large piece was grueling.  I thought it would take about an hour, but it took three, on my hands and knees.  It was helpful to have done the smaller trials (about 1/3 the size), but I didn't anticipate how much easier they were to complete than the full-size version.  

Screen placed on cloth, ready to pull the dye through the screen.
I have in the back of my mind that if I'm not happy with this version, I can always do another (perhaps trying a version without the ochre divider).  I hope I'm satisfied with this version. . .

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  1. I hope you're satisfied with this version, too! It sounds like a lot of physical work.