March 28, 2017

Scarlet and Gray

Beginning in January, I took a ten-week 2-D Design class at the college where I used to teach, which kept me away from blogging for a few months.  I did continue to work on textiles as well (the course work was mostly in the computer lab), but I didn't have the time/motivation to write up what I was doing. I plan to do a post about some of the work from the design class, but right now, I want to get up some photos of log-cabin blocks in different settings.  I've made 80 blocks, which will go into a wedding quilt for one of my son's best friends, Matt and his wife Autumn.  They chose the colors from their wedding (which was some months ago)--scarlet and gray.  I had a large trove of hand-dyed gray fabric leftover from "Holiness," but gave them a choice between commercial prints and hand-dyed fabric for the reds. They chose the hand-dyes.
hand-dyed fabrics versus commercial prints
Today I've been playing with different settings for the blocks.  Many different arrangements are possible for log-cabin quilts. I tried a few others beyond those below, but these 5 are my favorites. Now Matt and Autumn get to choose!  (I haven't used all 80 blocks in any of these trials, so the actual quilt will be expanded from these.)



Barn Raising




  1. This would be a hard choice for me to make. I think the medallions are the most restful, and the zig-zag are the most unusual. Gorgeous!

  2. I like either the medallions or the triangles. They look great Penny!!