May 30, 2017

Another workshop with Paula Kovarik

Last summer, I did a five-day workshop with Paula Kovarik at Arrowmont, described here.  When some quilting friends saw the samples I made in the workshop, they raised the idea of bringing her to our annual retreat, for a shorter version of the class. And we did! Paula came for two days of our four-day retreat earlier this month. She asked us to spend time before the workshop looking for lines, and to bring photos or drawings with.  Here's one of the photos I took, of a yucca plant full of fine, curly tendrils.

Using Photoshop, I traced over the lines of the tendrils.

Take away the photograph, and there's a lovely mess of lines.

I had this on my table, and glanced at various parts of it as I did a small stitched version (about 6" square).

The other kind of line I developed an interest in was from a from a prompt from Paula (one of many) to draw a "jittery" line.  The design in the lower left (below) is one result; double-click on photo to see a larger version.  I've been feeling anxious about a couple of things, and make this line helped me identify that.  I cut a white paper frame with a 4.5" opening, the size I make coasters.  I think that's what I'll do with a few of these.  And maybe go on to make more. . .  


  1. I really like the "jittery" lines. Looks like a fun workshop

  2. What a great use of those pictures you took while visiting me in Arizona!