August 31, 2017

Quilts for the twins

I wrote here about the baby quilt I made where most fabrics were white and one color.  The twins were born on August 17, and the quilts are now on their way to them.  I made quilts a while back for another set of twins, doing similar patterns but different colors.  This time I used the same fabrics, but different patterns.  I did put a different color striped binding on each--yellow on the rectangles and gray on the quarter-circles.  Here are the two side by side:

I did simple straight-stitching for the quilting on the first one, but on the rectangles, I did free-motion quilting.  Not generally my forté, but I do like how this one came out.

And here's the top with the rows horizontal (which is how I composed it) instead of vertical (as in the photo above).

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  1. They came out beautifully. They are so satisfying because they are manageable in size and utilitarian as well!!