September 29, 2017

A short interview with me

One of my quilts is currently on display at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilt and Fiber Arts, in their exhibit "In Death."  A short interview with me is featured in the current issue of the museum's newsletter.  The exhibit is up until December 3.  I look forward to seeing the other works in the exhibit when I visit in early November.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilt & Fiber Arts
September 29, 2017

Barn Blast
Featured Artist 
of the Week ~
Penny Gold 

Each week, we give you, our Barn Blast readers, exclusive interviews with a variety of fiber artists from across the country. Although each artist is distinctly different from the other, they do have one common thread that binds them all.  They have all lived and grieved and they have all made art to express this - but more than this, they have all chosen to share their art with the world by participating in the very special WMQFA exhibit, which is currently on display at the museum. 

Penny Gold
Penny Gold bravely shares what fuels her art and the inspiration she has received from fellow artists.

WMQFA:  How did you get into working with fiber?
Gold:  I have worked with yarn and cloth since I was a child, taught by my mother. My first knitting project was a doll blanket, and my first sewing project an apron made on a treadle machine. I have continued to knit and sew over the years, adding in quilting in 2001at the request of a young friend who wanted to learn. I started with traditional quilting, changing course to quilting as a form of artistic expression after taking a workshop on design with Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. My vision and skills have also been developed through workshops with Dorothy Caldwell, Carol Soderlund, Claire Benn, and Paula Kovarik.
WMQFA:  What inspires you?
Gold:  My work has been fueled by despair, anguish, and guilt in the wake of my son's death in 2004. As I worked to express these emotions through color and shape, I was inspired and sustained by the abstract art I have long loved, particularly the work of Clyfford Still, Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, and Kazimir Malevich.
WMQFA:  Why did you choose to participate in In Death?
Gold:  Although my work is deeply personal, created out of my own needs, I have found that it also resonates with others, in ways I had not expected. I have been encouraged by the response when I've shown work at Sacred Threads and at QuiltCon, so I was happy - and honored - to say yes to the invitation to show one of my quilts in In Death. 
WMQFA:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our 
Barn Blast readers?
Gold:  For photos and descriptions of the other works in my series on loss, you can visit the website documenting my 2016 exhibition.

Penny Gold's featured quilt, "Self-Portrait, Year 2: Beneath the Surface"

For more information about current and upcoming exhibits, CLICK HERE.


  1. You did a very good job of culling from the introduction that you used for your Loss pamphlet. And I just love this picture of you!

  2. I'm sure your work will help other in conversations about loss and pain.

  3. Did you get up to see this exhibit? It looks like it would be one to move through slowly and absorb. I'm glad you keep getting your work out in the public to spark conversations.

  4. I will be visiting the exhibit later this week--looking forward to seeing the other work, and my own in this special context.