December 22, 2017

Bucket family

I made two more of the fabric buckets yesterday, so here are all three.  I've put my current knitting project in the largest one and threads in the little one, but can't figure out anything for the middle one. These are fun to make, but I don't think I'll make more unless I can figure out additional uses. Small kids' toys would be good, of the sort where they get dumped out for play; the buckets might not be as practical as a rigid plastic crate, but they're a lot cuter. Most of my own clutter is contained (to the extent that it is) in shallow containers where I can see everything that's there; the buckets are deep, so not as good for visibility. Nonetheless a fun project, and quick.  It took me about 40 minutes to sew one bucket; longer than that to choose fabrics and cut out the the pieces. The original tutorial is here, and a variation that includes an inside pocket for knitting needles and knitting accessories for the big bag is here. By the way, the bigger the bucket, the easier it is to do the sewing, but none of them are difficult.


  1. Maybe the smallest bucket could also be used to hold paper clips. On a daily basis, I use the jumbo color-coated paper clips as well as the binder clips that are 3/4" long and wouldn't mind mixing them in such a perky container! And would the mid-size one be appropriate for highlighter pens? An option for future ones might be to make them shorter that the current heights, and then it would be easier to see the contents in this more shallow version. Such nice color combinations!

  2. Thanks Cookie. I also thought of shorter. I also love the knitting bucket with pockets for needles.

  3. I just thought of a few uses for the middle size. Put a gift bottle of wine in it or a spill-proof plant pot as a gift wrap. You could also use it to hold a stack of cookies wrapped in pretty plastic wrap (like a sleeve).