May 22, 2018

Five more sets of screen-printed napkins

Last week I printed up five more sets of napkins.  

I continue to be happy with how the napkins have turned out.  But now that I've made all the decisions on screen designs and colors, I found that the process of just making more of the same was not as engaging to me--a lot of physical labor, without the sense of discovery.  Yes, it's still a bit of a thrill to pull up the screen and see the design on the fabric, but I've done each of these designs enough times that there's no surprise involved. A production line is not anything like as much interesting/fun/satisfying as the design process!

I'm thinking that over the course of the summer/fall I'll dye yardage of the 7 different base colors that are my favorites, and do a run of 8 screens on each of the colors, for a total of 56 napkins. That will give me a sizable supply of napkins from which I can pull sets when I want them (usually for a hosting/thank you gift).


  1. Beautiful! How about using the photo of the jumbled up napkins as the basis for a quilt, maybe even a baby quilt! I LOVE that picture: it has so much energy!

  2. Yes, I agree, the fabric would be fun to use in a quilt--but too much work to produce it! But hey, if I do go ahead and make 7 runs of screen fabric, maybe I won't cut all of it into napkins. . .

  3. I agree with Cookie. You can have fabric digitally printed with MX dyes in any size. That photo would make fabulous yardage!

    1. Ah, I wasn't thinking of using the photo itself, even though that's just what Cookie said. Yes, that would be nice fabric to have on hand!