September 2, 2018

More uses of Marcia Derse's fabric

As I mentioned in the last post, I purchased about 20 half-yards of Marcia Derse's fabric, which was more than enough for the wedding quilt I was planning. I figured how much I needed for that, and used some of the excess to make placemats for my sister's large, round dining room table.  I used the same design as for my own kitchen table, a wedge shape that works really well on a round table. Here's my own set, made out of Japanese daiwabo fabric:

But my sister's table is a lot larger than mine, and the placemats look pretty lonely!

I decided to make a round mat for the center of the table, large enough to cover the central glass circle, or perhaps even to cover the black circle of the structural support.  Earlier this summer I started working on it, using fabric left over from the wedding quilt. I decided on improvised curved piecing, constructed one quarter-circle at a time. Here it is in progress:

 Once I got beyond the first several arcs, I had to piece chunks of fabric. Here's an arc made of three pieces of fabric:

Then the already pieced section gets laid on top, as shown below. Next step was to cut along the edge of the already-pieced section, and then I pieced them together.

Here's the final piece, roughly trimmed. I'll wait to decide on the final size until I can see it on my sister's table.

The quilting is a simple wavy line, spiralling around from the center outwards:

When trimmed, it could be left somewhat irregular in shape, or can be trimmed into a clean circle. Using Photoshop to mask off the edges, a circle would look like this:

My sister will get to choose, but maybe she'd like your advice :-)


  1. For what it's worth, I like the irregular edges. Very organic!! Plus love the idea and the design.

  2. I agree with Beth above. The non-circle is more interesting.