March 3, 2010

A new problem with Shelter

I've strip-pieced most of the black strata needed, and stuck them up on the design wall, pinning the other tiers in place so I could get a glimpse of the whole. The little tags on the turquoise are marking spots I was planning on altering. But now I see a larger problem. The turquoise tier has a much wider range of value than any of the others, and I don't think that works. I think I'll need to revise more deeply, taking out/covering up the dark teals. Of course I could go the other direction--add more value range in the other tiers. But I think a smaller range is more in keeping with my vision of the piece--and adding a wider range for black isn't possible in any case.

I want to feel closer to the finish line with this piece. . . Instead of getting easier as I go, the challenges keep adding up. I have to keep the mantra of "persistence" in mind.


  1. persistence... and being "in the moment" during the process... and being open to the challenges and new ideas that the quilt presents... It's really a quite interesting and beautiful piece that is developing. we'll stay tuned for how it evolves.

  2. I know that photos are sometimes deceptive but the range of values in the turquoise band do not jump out to me as problematic or excessively stripey. Perhaps you could audition some lighter strips over the top for comparison before you start unpicking?