March 16, 2010

Stones-from commercial fabric

In between the painstaking work of piecing the black tier of Shelter, I've worked on this simple quilt top, made from the pile of stone-looking commercial fabric I bought a couple of years ago, when I thought I would be using it for appliqued stones. In a previous post, I described what I eventually did with all the background fabric I had cut up for that project (along with some images of the trial applique blocks that I abandoned). And now this was a way to use the "stone" fabric. (The top is 56 x 73", with each block the size of a brick.) I'm not sure if the stripey black/gray blocks are a mistake, or if they liven it up a bit.

After I thought of doing blocks the size/shape of bricks, I had fun looking up "brick patterns" in a Google image search--certainly many other possibilities adaptable to quilting.


  1. It's difficult to be certain from a photograph, but I think the stripey bricks are interesting and playful--I love them and the way they play off the gray marble bricks. The tone of the piece without them would be otherwise much more subtle.

  2. Hi penny - I like the stripey blocks - they are eye catching yet not too much. km

  3. Penny - I like it!