October 31, 2012

Top complete

I finished piecing the top today.  I wanted to give some close-up photos, to show the range of colors in the shot cottons.  They are really beautiful.

And the whole top:

Some sources for shot cotton:
I bought my fabric from Glorious Colour, $9.50/yd, 71 colors, also available in sets, with a new full set coming out late in 2012.  Also stripes.

Other sources carry the fabric also, but either less of a selection or a higher price:
Hancock's of Paducah, $8.98/yd, 19 colors
Portsmouth Fabric, $9.95/yd, 50 colors and a few stripes
Purl Soho, $10.60/yd, 56 colors


  1. Wow! What an energizing palette of colors! Are you thinking of buying the stripes for a future quilt?


  2. Penny, this is really wonderful! The colors just glow. I think this would make a great bed quilt, and something to do when I need a break from art quilt designing.