November 1, 2012

Links to a sampling of my quilts

I've recently added links to a selection of my quilts in a box at the top right of my blog home page.  I wanted to include the quilt above, one of the earliest quilts of my own design (begun in 2004), but I had never done a post on it, so I'm putting it here so that I can link back to it in the list.  (You can double-click on the image for a larger view.)  So, this post does double duty--it gets "Circles" up on the web, and lets you know that you can see a sample of my quilts by looking at the newly posted list.  (If you're reading this from an RSS feeder, you can click here to get to the home page.)

Each block is 4-1/2 inches square; the circles are sewn on with needle-turn appliqué.  I had some teal tone-on-tone fabrics left over from another project, so I bought a range of Oriental fabrics that included some teal, and used those for the circles.  I say a bit more about this quilt in the essay I wrote about how I came to quilting and my development as a quilter.


  1. My attention is immediately drawn to the bright turquoise background of 10 or so of the circles. It seems like recently, you have gone out of your way to distribute a specific color throughout the quilt. Was it intentional to group these bright turquoise backgrounds to the upper center of the piece? Mostly the circle are very different colors from your work with dark primary colors, but I like this one, too!


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