December 28, 2014

Further progress with greens and purples

I've finished making the blocks for this quilt, and settled on a layout.  The next decision is what color sashing to use between the blocks and as a narrow border around the edge (1/2" wide, the same width as the narrow strips within each block).  This is narrower than in the "Glyph" pattern that I used for the quilt, but I'm going for a look closer to the "Mod Mosaic" quilt I made a while back.  I may well go with white sashing (which would give a look close to the blocks on my white design wall), but I have tried out many other possibilities as well:  various greens and purples, black, dark blue, tone-on-tone green, green batik.  I'll be near a fabric store on Tuesday, so will take a look for candidates there.

In the meantime, I thought I'd play around with the many scraps I have left from the fabric cut for the narrow strips in the blocks. 

I use the "mile-a-minute" method for piecing scraps, and put them together into this small piece, about 6x6."

I like the results, but piecing with such small bits is not my forté.  I will leave the rest of the strip scraps as they are!   I also have quite a few large pieces of yardage left from what I dyed for the blocks; I plan to pull from that for the back of the quilt.


  1. Lokkin' good. Yes, sashing and border colors are a bugger!!. Good luck at the fabric store. I personally love little blocks like the one you made with your scraps!

  2. Beautiful blocks! What about some sort of gray color for the sashing? if you can find just the right shade, it might work.

  3. Personally i think the darkest colors would look good.

  4. I enjoy piecing with small pieces. Your block is beautiful, since you block is so scrapy why don't you border dark fabric one direction and medium fabic another direction would give your quilt great look.