December 15, 2014

Self-Portrait--an earlier design

Some pre-history of the "Self-Portrait, Year 2" quilt that I wrote about in my last post. The small maquette above (11x14") was done sometime in 2005/06.  This was my first design for the same idea (calm lavender at the surface, dark disturbance below).  The maquette is pinned to the bulletin board in my studio, and most people who see it comment on it.  I've collected a variety of black fabrics with the intention of doing a large-scale version of it at some point.


  1. The "patchiness" of the black is reminiscent of bandages - an apt image for the theme.

  2. The little piece of bright red attracts me: was it from a completely different piece of cloth or was it part of one of the surrounding pieces? Does it have a special meaning that you are willing to share?