January 12, 2010

Shelter--a preview of the whole

Blue and turquoise tiers are pieced and basted. Strata for orange/red are pieced and pinned on the design wall--more manipulation of the pieces to be done to break up the lines. Black is just one piece of fabric put up for the color--piecing of many blacks into strata still to be done. The black tier will be larger than it appears here and the orange/red smaller. Size = about 60" wide.


  1. Penny -

    The orange-red fabrics seem to have less variation than the turquoise...which I think will mean that the turquoise will be the eye-catcher of the piece. Great progress!


  2. Such a stunning piece you are creating, Penny! Do you have a date set for your Fridays at Four talk about your quilting and the story of this piece???