January 9, 2010

Zig Zag quilts

I spent the weekend making a couple of zig-zag quilt tops, thanks to a tutorial by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts that shows you how to do it all with rectangles rather than triangles. The top is about 36x39, made for a baby quilt.

Here's the top before cutting off the extra points all around. Looking at the top 2 rows shows how it is made up of blocks constructed from two rectangles. (These are cut 3 x 5.5".)

And a close-up to see how the rectangles turn into zig-zags. The key is turning the blocks on point. (The colors are truer on the close up shots--bright pastels. The fabrics are from Funquilts.)

Here's another I made--actually the first, as it follows the tutorial, alternating the same solid fabric between patterned rows. Makes the cutting a little easier, but I like all patterned better, though this will look better once the binding is on. I'm thinking to do another one with all solids, bright colors, each row different.

The quilt is very easy to put together. On my second one I got careless, though, when I went to cut off the triangles on the first edge, and angled the cut into the second row. I was tempted to make the whole quilt smaller, but I took the high road--undid some blocks, made up substitute ones and pieced it all back together.


  1. Penny -

    thanks for the detailed explanation. Have you considered doing more teaching to quilters once you retire from Knox?


  2. Penny,
    The quilts look fantastic. Such a good way to use the large-scale prints. Sounds like you had fun making them.