January 19, 2010


With a good bit of snow available lately, I've tried some snow-dyeing. The first two attempts resulted in nice patterning, but the color was not successful. The piece on the left was a mixture of brown and black dye, but the result was a brownish purple. The piece on the left was black alone, a different black dye. Turned out a nice blue. OK, so maybe black doesn't work very well with snow. . .

More successful in terms of color was a piece dyed with teal and green, to use as a backing for one of the zig-zag baby quilts. Here's a detail:

Unfortunately, the pattern of color across the whole piece was not as successful.

Snow is melting this week; I'll try some more with the next snowfall. It's nice to have a reason to be glad for snow!

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  1. I'm looking forward to your visit so that you can explain how this is done!